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News Letters

Dear NCHA Directors and Affiliate Secretaries,

As a leader in our Association, we need your help encouraging your fellow NCHA members to take 30 minutes of their time to assist the NCHA in better serving their needs and increasing sponsorship revenue for years to come!

In case you haven't heard, we're achieving this by conducting a Survey of the NCHA Membership with the help of the professional research firm Decision Analyst, Inc. of Arlington, TX. The survey covers their involvement with horses; the programs, events and member services offered by NCHA and its Affiliates; it asks about their purchasing habits and brand preferences and collects important demographic data. The information we gather will help us produce a composite profile of our membership. To make this as easy as possible, we're asking everyone to complete this survey online via the Internet.

The following instructions can be forwarded to your fellow NCHA members and friends.

Please take this opportunity to help make your association even stronger by taking this Survey of NCHA Membership!

  • Click this link to find the survey access page

  • Enter and submit NCHA membership ID number without the -01 or -02 (Don’t know your NCHA number? Please call the NCHA office at (817) 244-6188.

  • Easy to follow instructions are on the first page of the survey. You may 'point and click' on your answers.

  • When you’re finished, click on the "submit" button, and your responses are automatically (and securely) forwarded to Decision Analyst for compilation with all other NCHA member responses.

    *Please note that survey responses are completely confidential, and that individual surveys will not be shared with you, the NCHA staff or executive committee. The NCHA will only be supplied with composite answers from all surveys completed. The deadline is February 29.

We greatly appreciate your continued leadership and support of the NCHA. Please let us know whenever we can be of service.


Keith Deaville
NCHA President

Dear NCHA Directors,

The NCHA Executive Committee is extremely pleased to announce that Bill
Brewer, Retired Executive Vice President of the American Quarter Horse
Association, has agreed to serve as Interim Executive Director of the NCHA.
Brewer will also serve as Chairman of the Search Committee for a permanent
Executive Director for the NCHA. Brewer will begin his work as the Chairman
of the Search Committee immediately and will also begin his assignment as
the Interim Executive Director on March 1st.

Widely respected throughout the horse industry, Brewer worked for AQHA for
37 years and held the position of Executive Vice President for 17 years.
During his tenure, AQHA established its Alliance Program with NCHA and other
organizations, celebrated the grand opening of the American Quarter Horse
Hall of Fame & Museum, and added more than two million horses to its

We are fortunate to have had a person of the caliber of Jeff Hooper serve as
our Executive Director for the past 11 years. With Jeff moving on to new
professional endeavors, we are very excited and pleased to have Bill accept
this position to help us continue the positive momentum we have as an
organization, and we and look forward to his leadership.


Keith Deaville
NCHA President


From The Secretary's Desk:

As you will see from the Minutes of our recent AGM, Traci Hatten, who has been doing a sterling job as secretary for the association, decided to hang up her typewriter – do they still have those anymore? – and move on to bigger and better things, leaving the role of WCHA Secretary open to newcomers – hence you are stuck with me, for the current year at least, hopefully longer if you’ll have me. 

I do know some of the WCHA members having met you in the past and have spoken with many on the phone when that fairly elusive husband of mine – Jack – has not been available to answer his phone – but I am really looking forward to getting to know you all over the next few months.  I truly am a newcomer to the organization side of the WCHA and so I will be looking to you, the members, to help me out and point me in the right direction, giving me reminders if and when I am not getting things done or to you on time.  I know that the Board members are going to get the brunt of my questions but I have also already reminded Traci that I know where she lives!! It is going to be a fairly steep learning curve for me but I know that with your help I can do it.  This article has been my first official business and so on this subject I am looking for ideas, tid bits, interesting stories, photographs and so on to put into The Wrangler newsletters – remember this is YOUR association and so we want to know what you are up to, any tips you have for other members, your achievements, things you want the other members to know about.  My contact details are listed above please do contact me with your ideas etc. I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that it is time to renew your membership – remember your earnings for Year End Awards only count after your membership has been paid so please contact either myself or Cindy Carnes to ensure your membership is recorded.  Talking of shows please take note of the updated show schedule – NCHA Days will be in Dillon, Montana as they had to cancel the event last year due to the EHV1 virus. Also please take note that the NCHA has approved the WCHA LAE for September 13th thru 16th – which is great news for the association – now we just need to be able to get cattle.  If anyone would like to be a sponsor or has any ideas for getting Sponsorship or would like to get involved in that activity please contact Jack Enright or Jerry Rankin who are on the Sponsorship Committee. We will be looking for volunteers for the other committees as we move through the Cutting Year but if anyone would like to volunteer their services please feel free to contact me and I will pass on your information to the relevant committee members.

Well I am looking forward to serving you all as secretary of your great association and thanks again to Traci for all her hard work as secretary for the past few years. I am sure everyone is looking forward to not only a very successful show year but very importantly a Healthy one. Good Luck to all our competitors, show producers, sponsors and association members!

 Let’s Go Cuttin!!

Anne Enright
WCHA Secretary

August 11, 2011

Wyoming Cutting Horse Association Members,

We will not be having the annual Year End Show or the Wyoming
Futurity this year due to the cost of the cattle in the Casper area. The
show committee worked very hard right up until the last minute trying to
make it work and unfortunately it did not pan out. The WCHA board members
have voted to save the budgeted money and regroup for the 2012 show season.

Thank You Cutters for showing at Saratoga and Torrington ; this has
been a tough season for all. PLEASE know your support is GREATLY
appreciated. Year end awards will be mailed after the results of the August
20-21 show in Torrington are tallied.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me
or any WCHA board member. We look forward to hearing from all of you at the
annual WCHA membership meeting scheduled to be held at the Torrington show
on August 20, 2011. At the meeting we will be electing new officers and
board members so PLEASE plan on attending.

Take Care,

Carie Whitman
WCHA President

NOTICE!  The upcoming cuttings have been cancelled due to the outbreak of the EHV-1 virus:  HJK May Show, Sevenbar Memorial Day Cutting and the Area 4 NCHA Days in Dillon, Montana.  Please read below for information about the virus!    We would like to send our heartfelt sympathy to those who have lost horses to this deadly virus and our prayers for those horses that are infected!

There has been an outbreak of a horrid equine disease: Rhino EHV-1 (Equine Herpesvirus).  This is a mutant strain of the neurological variation of Rhino, there is no vaccine for it, and it is lethal.

There are multiple confirmed deaths due to EHV in Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado, Canada, Idaho, and unfortunately, is spreading like you cannot believe.  It is believed that a horse with the virus attended the NCHA Western National Championship cutting in Ogden, UT and has caused a massive cross contamination.  All the horses that are dead or are being treated were vaccinated for Rhino, it doesn’t matter, this strain does not respond to any vaccine.  The first death was a Canadian cutting horse that attended the Ogden show, there have been more in Weld County Colorado, there is a barrel racing stable in Colorado that has a confirmed case, which shows that it is rapidly and easily spreading through different disciplines and through many venues - CSU is now full and most Vets are not accepting Rhino horses, and have considered worldwide experts in this matter.  This is considered an emerging disease. It is behaving in an extreme manor.  A similar outbreak occurred before, and at CSU, despite the fact the school runs one of the nation's top veterinary biosecurity programs, the EHV virus spread to over 20 equine patients on the premises, and spread out of control.

The EHV-1 organism spreads quickly from horse to horse and the neurologic form of the virus can reach high morbidity and mortality rates. The incubation period of EHV-1 is typically 2-10 days, but there has been a case of a horse showing symptoms as many as 12 days after contamination. In horses infected with the neurologic strain of EHV-1, clinical signs may include: nasal discharge, discoordination, hind end weakness, recumbency, lethargy, urine dribbling and diminished tail tone. Prognosis depends on severity of signs and the period of recumbency. There is no specific treatment for EHV-1. Treatment of symptoms may include intravenous fluids, anti-inflammatory drugs and other appropriate supportive treatment. Currently, there is no equine vaccine that has a label claim for protection against the neurological strain of the virus.

Horse-to-horse contact, aerosol transmission, and contaminated hands, equipment, tack, and feed all play a role in disease spread.   They cannot stress enough about the cross contamination, this deadly virus can be on anything - your steering wheel in your truck, door handles, trailer latches, your purse, your hat, sunglasses, cell phone, pop or food wrapper, bucket, feed pan, hay bag, rubber bands, brushes, tack, boots, clothing, ANYTHING you touch or rub against could have the virus on it!

PLEASE monitor your horses, the first symptom of this disease is a spike in temperature of 102 degrees.  Horses with severe clinical signs of neurological EHV-1 illness are thought to have large viral loads in their blood and nasal secretions and therefore, present the greatest danger for spreading the disease. Immediate separation and isolation of identified suspect cases and implementation of appropriate biosecurity measures are key elements for disease control.

This is a serious matter that demands immediate attention, becoming aware and knowledge about this detrimental outbreak is a necessity – and we ALL, as equine owners, trainers, and event producers MUST do our part to STOP the spread of this horrible mutant and deadly virus.  Serious thought needs to be made on hosting events within infected states and their bordering neighbors.  Many national level events that are scheduled within the next month have been CANCELLED to STOP THE SPREAD of this disease.

WCHA Newsletter

WCHA General Membership Meeting
January 15, 2011

The General Meeting of the WCHA was called to order by President  Cathy  Stalcup.  Members present were:  Justin Johnson, James Johnson, Cathy Stalcup, Kristen York, John and Judy Hayes,  Cindy Thompson Carnes, Jack Enright,  Muffy Rodgers,  Terry and Bonnie McClure, Dick Mulligan,  Traci Hatten, Tom Stalcup, Karen True,  Kim Asay,  Maddie Clark,  Michelle Aimes,  Mike Asay, Carrie Whitman, Steve James.  Others who joined midway through the meeting included Jerry Rankin and Robin Hayes.


The first order of old business was the reading of the minutes of the January 10, 2010 General Membership Meeting by Association Secretary Traci Hatten.  Tom Stalcup motioned to accept the minutes as read, Kristen York seconded and the motion passed.

Next was the Treasurer’s report, given by Cindy Thompson Carnes.  The total Current Assets of the Association are in the amount of $71,809.95 and are divided as follows:  CD Savings:  $36,995.18, Checking Account: $3,647.89, Money Market Account:  $27,742.56 and Scholarship Account:  $3,424.32.  Cindy remarked that approval fees were down in 2010 along with sponsorships.  Memberships, however, were increased.  Added costs which were increased this year included:  cattle and advertising due to producing the NCHA Days show.  Both WCHA produced shows profited in 2010 and the Futurity had a small loss.  Dick Mulligan moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as read, Tom Stalcup seconded and the motion carried.

The next item on the agenda item was the Show Committee Report.  Cindy Thompson Carnes was delighted to report the both the NCHA Days Show and the Wyoming Year End Show had made a profit.  NCHA Days made:  $1671.00 and the Year End Show made $1118.00.  Cathy Stalcup gave the report on the 2010 Wyo Futurity and Aged Event.  She remarked that entries were down by approximately 33% causing the income of the Futurity to also be down.  The very regrettable incident of the mixing of the fresh cattle with the used cattle was also discussed in great detail.  After ordering an extra load of cattle to try to alleviate the situation, the futurity did suffer a loss of $1313.97. 

Next, was the National Director’s report given by the Wyoming National Directors Richard Mulligan and Kristen York.  Dick Mulligan informed us that this has been a very busy year for the NCHA, with many changes to the Constitutional By-Laws of which Mulligan was responsible for rewriting.  Mulligan also remarked that the NCHA is also suffering from the economic condition of the country and had made some financial adjustments to try to alleviate those losses of the previous years.  Some of these changes are as follows:  The show approval fees have been increased from 6% of the jackpotted monies to 8%.   Lomited Aged Event approval fees will be increased by .5% and 1% respectfully.  The threshold for receiving an Achievement Buckle has also increased from $1500 to $2000.00.  The NCHA will also no longer provide trophies for the affiliates for the 2000 Limited Rider, high point trophies for affiliates and high point trophies for the Open and Non Pro for shows with added money of $3000 or more.  NCHA produced shows have also increased their fees, with the one that affects our cutters being the Western Nationals entry fee will now be $600 instead of $500 with no changes in the jackpotted portion.   Both Wyo National Directors urged anyone with questions regarding these changes to contact them.  

Next was the Spnsorship committee report.  Cathy Stalcup reported that a total of $5913 was the total for sponsor contributions of the year with $4650 being from regular sponsors and $1263 from the NCHA Days silent auction.   There was much discussion on the fact that the Association’s members needed to pursue new sponsors diligently in the upcoming year.

The Awards committee report was next.  Kristen York heads this committee and she was commended for bringing in the year end awards under budget, with quality awards that our members liked.  The total awards budget was $20,000, which included three saddle certificates.  And, the budget also accounted for $1500 worth of circuit awards for NCHA Days.

The last order of Old Business was the President’s report, given by Cathy Stalcup.  Stalcup commented on how excited she was at the attendance of this General Membership meeting….the largest attendance in the past four years.  Through out her year as President, she used the motto:  Be hard on the issues and soft on people.  At the beginning of the year, she set lofty goals for the Association and met some of those goals.  Once again, she made a plea to the membership to help with the goings on of the Association, such as producing shows, sponsorship, stalls, shavings, practice pens and fund raisers.  She also urged that our members have to start giving back to the Association.


The first order of New Business was the nomination of Directors.  The nominations were:  Tom Stalcup, Carrie Whitman, Cindy Carnes and Jack Enright.  Tom Stalcup moved that nominations cease, with Karen True seconding.  After a vote, the new directors are as follows:  Carrie Whitman and Jack Enright for a three year term, Cindy Carnes for a one year term and Tom Stalcup will serve as an Alternate.   The Dirctors of the Wyoming Cutting Horse Association are as follows:  Karen True, Justin Johnson, Jerry Rankin, Carrie Whitman, Jack Enright, Cindy Carnes and Tom Stalcup.  Past President is Cathy Stalcup and National Directors Kristen York and Richard Mulligan. 

Next was the nomination for President.  Karen True and Tom Stalcup were nominated and declined.  Cindy Carnes nominated Carrie Whitman and Mulligan seconded.  There was a vote and the motion carried.  Jerry Rankin nominated Tom Stalcup for Vice President with Jack Enright seconding.  A vote was taken and the motion carried.  The new President for 2011 is Carrie Whitman with the Vice President being Tom Stalcup.  Kristen moved that the secretary and treasure remain the same.  Mulligan seconded the motion and it passed. 

Next order of New Business was the approval of the 2011 tentative show schedule.  Kristen moved that we approve the scheduled shows and all others that came along.  Steve seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Next was discussion about the 2011 Futurity and Limited Aged event.  The approval forms had been sent in already.  The added money for the upcoming futurity has remained the same, along with the entry fees.  It was decided to delete the Amateur classes, cut back the show one day and add NCHA classes on the week end.  The classes will be the Open, Non Pro and 50,000 Amateur, with 500 added to each.   The show is slated for September 15-18, 2011. 

Next, the WCHA class roster was discussed.  As the Two Handed Class entries have not been up in the previous years, Steve James motioned that the class would be deleted from the roster.  Carrie seconded and the motion carried. 

Next, there was discussion about setting the Awards budget for 2011.  The awards budget will be as follows:  $7500 for Year End awards, $4500 for the Futurity and $6000 for saddles certificates.  The saddle classes for 2011 are:  The Wyoming Owned and Ridden, the Open and the 50,000 Amateur. 

Fundraising ideas were then discussed.  Robin Hayes offered his services to have a clinic before a WCHA cutting with the Wyoming trainers, with all proceeds going to the Association.   Kristen York offered to have the clinic on the Friday before one of her cuttings.  The idea will be explored by York, James and Hayes.  Also, Hayes commented that the WSCHA was willing to help the Wyoming Association and suggested that the WCHA and WSCHA combine their Year End Shows as to produce a bigger and better week end for both Associations.  Steve James and Kristen York volunteered to explore this idea with the WSCHA.

The last topic that was discussed was the possibility of having another Ireland trip raffle.  Jack Enright offered to explore this idea and will get back to the Board on his findings.

Next, sponsoring a lunch at Western Nationals was discussed and it was determined that Kristen York would ask WSCHA if they would like to co-sponsor a lunch with the WCHA.  She will contact the NCHA person and explore this matter.

The last order of New Business was the filling of the 2011 committees:

Sponsorship and Membership Committee:  Jack Enright, Michelle Haimes and Jerry Rankin

Awards Committee:  Kristen York and Karen True

Show Committee: Traci Hatten, Cindy Carnes,  Steve James and Kristen York(work with WSCHA) Justin Johnson, Jerry Rankin

Futurity Committee:  Cindy Carnes, Traci Hatten, Carrie Whitman, Karen True and Justin Johnson (with Cathy Stalcup and Steve James as consultants)

Scholarship and Youth Committee:  Michelle Haimes, Traci Hatten, Carrie Whitman

Committee members were urged to select a Chairperson and make quarterly reports to the Board to keep track of progress.

Tom Stalcup moved that we adjourn the meeting with Mulligan seconding.  The motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Traci Hatten, Association Secretary 

DECEMBER 5,  2010 

Merry Christmas WCHA members!

Below is a list of our qualifiers for the Western National Championships for 2010.  This event is held in beautiful Ogden, Utah every year at the Golden Spike Arena.  The show begins during the last week of April and runs through the first week of May and each qualifier will be receiving an entry form from the NCHA in the near future.  If any of you have never gone to Ogden, I highly encourage you to participate in this prestigious NCHA produced event!  The cattle, ground and conditions are top of the line and it is a cool experience, to be sure.   Wyoming CHA qualifies as an affiliate this year so please be sure to designate us on your entry form as the affiliate you will be riding for.   All of the affiliates contest against each other for the top spot, which is determined by number of entries and results of the entrants.   Last year,  the Alberta CHA took home top billing with the Western States CHA taking a close second and Montana CHA placing third.   So, congratulations to everyone and best of luck if you decide to go! 

After the first of the year, we will be holding a General Membership meeting .   Please check on the WCHA website for the date, time and location as I will post it as soon as it is organized.  Until then, here’s hoping you all have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!  

Click here for a list of Western National Championships qualifiers

December 20, 2010

 Happy New Year!

The Wyoming Cutting Horse Association will be holding a very important General Membership meeting on Saturday, January 15, 2011.  The meeting will be held via teleconference.  To attend, you may go to one of the following locations: 

Cheyenne:  Jack Enright,  307-221-1234

Buffalo:  Big Horn Tire, 307-680-6815

Jackson:  Mulligan Law Office, 307-733-5961

Saratoga: Contact Kristen York, 307-327-5881

If you are unable to make it to one of these locations, you may access the conference by using this number:  1-866-519-2804 and enter the pass code:  743349    

At the upcoming meeting, we need to elect our officer team for the upcoming year and we have two Board positions to fill along with an alternate.  If you are c(307) 327-5881onsidering nominating someone for a position, please contact that person before hand to be sure that they would have the time and dedication to be a part of our officer team.  We also need to fill committees for the upcoming year.  Our standing committees are as follows:  Sponsorships, Year-end show, Awards and the WCHA Futurity.  A complete agenda will be posted on our website: 

This is a very pivotal meeting for the WCHA.  For the past several years, our Association has struggled due to the economy and a lack of participation from our members.  The hard work of a handful of people has actually kept the Association a float.  At this point in time, we are in great need of help from our members and I ask that you come to the meeting armed with fresh ideas, suggestions and a willingness to work!   Finally, we would like to once again thank everyone who helped the WCHA have a successful year in 2010 and wish all of our members a blessed and prosperous New Year! 

JUNE 20, 2010


The WCHA was proud to host the Area 4 NCHA Days in Douglas, Wyoming over June 4-6 and with around 250 works for the week end, the show was considered to be a big success!  The new equestrian building was a great place to host a cutting and since this is the first big cutting that has been hosted there, there were a few bugs to work out but all in all, things went pretty smoothly.  We look forward to having more events there,  perfecting the ground and making any other improvements that could make a show better!  The Wyoming State Fairgrounds crew were very good to work with and they tell me that a covered outdoor arena is on the agenda for more improvements to the  fairgrounds, which would be great for a larger warm up area and practice pen.  We would like to especially thank Cindy Thompson, who worked extremely hard putting this event together!  Thanks, Cindy for what you have done for the WCHA!  Also, thanks very much to Bill and Carlo Shepard, Mari Marquart, Kaycee Meyers, Kacy Hatten, Brady Cochran, Brandon Krein, Traci Hatten and Chubs Grub for all of their help and hard work.  Thank you Frank Thompson for providing some of the best cattle that we have seen in a long time and there were plenty of them!  And, thank you very much to everyone who donated silent auction items!  There were quite a few bidding wars going on for all the wonderful items.  Lastly, and most importantly, thank you very much to all of the participants who attended the show!  Of course, without you all, the show would not have been the success that it was! 


June 5, 2010

Thad and Kristin York and the Sevenbar Ranch hosted a great show this past Memorial Day weekend in Saratoga, Wyoming.  If you attend a Sevenbar cutting, you can count on experiencing spectacular scenery, beautiful spring mountain weather, and great hospitality.  The Sevenbar is part of Silver Spur Ranches, which has units in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico; and operates one of the country’s largest cow/calf operations, all managed by Thad, Kristen‘s husband of 11 years.  Thad is also an accomplished trainer of Border Collies, and competes in cattle dog trials. 

Sevenbar hosts a couple cuttings a year, as well as their annual bull sale, featuring charolais and charolais cross bulls, maine and angus bulls, and some quality ranch horses.  In fact, according to Kristen, Thad was the one who originally wanted to branch out into the cutting horse industry after showing rope horses, but when he didn’t have time to ride, Kristen ended up going and doing a few lessons and the rest, as they say, is history! 

Kristen came from a childhood filled with showing pleasure horses in youth activities and the AQHA. So, showing cutting horses came pretty naturally for her, even though she remarked that the first cutting she attended was “hilarious.”  “We bought a couple of war horses, and I showed for the very first time at Cindy Thompson’s show after barrowing everything.”  

After showing for several years and having a good deal of success, the Yorks decided to purchase an aged event horse, and Docs Alota Pepto, a six year old stallion, by Sweet Lil Pepto and out of Barb A Doc x Smart Little Lena, came into the picture.  Docs Alota Pepto, aka Xpress, was purchased by the Yorks at one of their cuttings two years ago.  “He has a lot of presence on a cow,” Kristen remarked, “and we just fell in love with the way he worked.”   Xpress has been with Texas-based trainer, Jamie Snider, since he was a 4 year old, where he has earned a little over $73,000, all in open aged event classes.  Xpress has made the finals in almost every show he has competed in.

Kristen began showing Xpress this year, where their first two outings were a picture of consistency.  Their debut run was at the Arbuckle Mountain Futurity in Ardmore, Oklahoma, where they marked a 219 to win the first round. With a score of 216 in the finals, they finished 3rd overall.   Then, with no additional practice on cattle, it was off to the Super Stakes Classic Amateur Finals, where the duo marked a 219, winning the go round.  In the finals Kristen and Xpress marked a 216, winding up 5th in the Classic.

Next stop was the Breeders Invitational in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they marked a 215.5, making the finals by half a point.  Kristen said, “Jamie had already worked him, and he was kind of naughty.”  But, naughty or nice, he was one of only 14 out of 75 horses to qualify for the finals.  After one day’s rest, the pair drew up 6th in the finals, “All Jamie said to me was get up out of there and be smooth.”  Easy right?  Kristen describes her run, “I got a real slick cow, it was decent but nothing spectacular.  Jamie picked one that didn’t shape well; I got a grey roan cow that just kept turning into us without pushing on us which really allowed me to ride harder into the stops.  I could hear them counting down and everyone, the whole crowd, was into it!  When I completed the run I knew it was going to be good.”  And that it was, they marked a 219, earning $8,900, a new saddle made by Bob’s Custom Saddles, and a shiny Gist buckle.

Back home in Saratoga, the York family, including 9 year old Kasen, couldn’t be more proud.  “We knew he was good, and it’s been icing on the cake that he has done so well in the open,” says Kristen.  The next show on the agenda for Xpress is the Derby in July, then down to West Texas, mission: get as much aged event money won on him as possible.  They started breeding Xpress last year after the super stakes, and he has his first foal crop on the ground: two fillies.  It should be easy for his babies to follow in their sire’s footsteps, as his success will only continue to grow.


March 2010

Howdy Cutters,

Looks like spring has sprung at last and that means our 2010 show season is about to begin.  Actually, it already has begun with the conclusion of HJK’s show in Torrington in January.  Their February show was cancelled, as you all know, so the next show on the schedule will be at Top Hatt Arena in Wheatland on April 23-25.  All the show info is posted here in the Wrangler and on the website and other shows will be loaded as I receive the information from the producers.  Please!  If you are planning to go to the Top Hatt Show,  reserve your rooms right now as at that time of year in Wheatland, motel rooms are hard to come by!!!  I will reserve as many as I can so if you need any help with that, just give me a call. 

After Wheatland, I hope that a lot of you are planning to go to the Western National Championships in Ogden!  If you qualified, you should have received your entry forms in the next few days or so and entries are due by  April 1, 2010.  Judging by the participation in the Eastern National Championships, I am sure that Ogden will prove to be bigger and better than before!  As you all know, the $2.00 World Final fee that we all pay at the week end shows now goes to the Eastern and Western Championships so the added money is increased by around 60%!  For the Eastern Nationals this year, there are 1,128 entries which is a 24% increase from last year.  The total added money is $200,000 which is a 67% increase and the total prize money is a record of $454,440 which is a 36% increase.  All finalists in every class will receive larger checks and first place in each class could pay up to $8,600!  And, entry fees are not increased from last year and remain at only $500.00!   Ogden begins Wednesday, April 28 and concludes Sunday, May 9.

Next, a couple rule changes that we need to all be aware of………First of all, the National Cutting Horse Association Rules Committee unanimously agreed that effective immediately, Western Attire will strictly be enforced at all NCHA approved cuttings.  Sweatshirts of any kind will no longer be allowed in the show arena when astride a horse.  So, don’t forget to take that hoodie off!  Please refer to Judging Rule 16.

Also, the $20,000 Non Pro has become the $35,000 Non Pro and the $10,000 Amateur has become the $15,000 Amateur with all conditions remaining the same as currently written.  Please take a look at the current rule book for all of the current rule changes for 2010. 

Our Association has a full and exciting show schedule this year, with some cool changes!  It is our turn to host the Area 4 NCHA Days and that will be held at the new equestrian facility in Douglas, Wyoming at the State Fairgrounds, June 4, 5 and 6.  The equine facility is pretty much brand new, with air conditioned stalls surrounding the cutting arena.  It all comes complete with seating, bathrooms, wash racks and showers!  The WCHA is requesting that everyone pre enter that event by May 31 and you may do so by calling Cindy Thompson @ 307-320-6512.  Go to  and click on Area 4 for all the information on this show and all the others as I receive the info.  

Lastly, saddle classes for Wyoming this year are the  2000 Limit Rider and the 15,000 Novice Non Pro so enter up!   And, get your dang memberships paid!  No grace period this year!  After being your secretary for two year, I am getting a little cranky!  Take care all and best of luck in the upcoming show season!       


To all WCHA members,

In case you haven’t already heard, there has been a changing of the guard! Following the resignation of Jack Enright on January 25th, 2010, I will assume the vacancy of President of the WCHA. Jack will continue on the Board of Directors as Past President for one year and will also remain active on his committees as well as a member. On January 27th at a special Board Meeting, the Directors appointed Dick Mulligan as Vice-President. The two of us will fill these positions until next years General Membership meeting.

First I would like to personally thank Jack for his hard work and the many hours he gave to the club. All his hard work will not be wasted though as the Board and myself agree to continue down the path we were forging last year. I will be listing the goals that the Board and the Officers worked hard on in 2009. The years 2007 and 2008 were difficult years financially and we had to make some tough but necessary decisions(not popular with everyone). But in the end we saw some satisfying results, we were in the black for the first time in 2 or 3 years. Goals are meant to be set high and we didn’t achieve them all but we had a good start.

2009/10 Goals:
1. Cut expenses
2. Produce profitable shows
3. Increase memberships, member participation, contributions, fund raisers
4. Promote the sport of cutting and showing cutting horses
5. Make it fun and enjoyable for all members

Our 2010 goals are the same but not necessarily in that order. My personal focus will remain on helping to make or keep the WCHA produced shows profitable, holding expenses down, cutting where we can. Other Officers and Directors will be working not only on the above but the other critically important items as well. As Directors and Officers it is our responsibility to make financial decisions for the benefit of the club. A Non Profit organization is not intended to accumulate money but, it must maintain a certain amount of liquidity to continue to due business from year to year. At this time we have only enough to maintain in operation for 2 to 2 years (if we don’t remain in the black) at the level we see now. Operating expenses alone are enormous not to mention our awards budget. So when we talk about show profitability, contributions and fund raisers, they only cover our yearly expenses with a little left over (hopefully). Every year that we incur a loss the 2 to 2 years of longevity are reduced.


Obviously finances are only part of the workings of any club. It seems that the Board has their hands full as usual and so many important things go unattended each year. I am asking for help from the membership. Clubs are like families and friendships, they require communication, participation and commitment. Your ideas are always welcome and your helping hands will be greatly appreciated. I will list a few areas that need attention. If you have ideas, talents or can make a commitment to one of these areas please contact one of the Board, an Officer or myself.

1. Wyoming Produced shows: NCHA Days, Year End show, Futurity
a. set up/tear down crews- banners, clocks, equipment
b. help with activities-BBQs, Calcutta’s, fun stuff, birthdays etc…
c. put together year end banquet
d. help with stalls, shavings or practice pens

2. Sponsorships
a. sell raffle tickets
b. sponsor an award $ 50-$250
c. help with the website
d. help with Western Nationals sponsorship

3. Promotions
a. put on a clini
b. put together an exhibit
c. help promote youth/youth scholarship fund
d. help with a membership drive/Rookie of the year
e. help with the club history book

Together let’s make this year a fun and successful cutting season for every member. Hope to see you at the next cutting.

Cathy Stalcup

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