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Archived News

NEWS FROM THE NCHA: Fort Worth City Auditors clear National Cutting Horse Association regarding Texas Major Events Fund

Audit determined NCHA provided correct information on METF applications

(February 21, 2013 -Fort Worth, Texas) Amidst allegations from a previously settled lawsuit, the Fort Worth City Internal Audit Department reviewed Texas Major Events Trust Fund (METF) applications made by the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA). The auditors subsequently notified the NCHA that following the review of applications and supporting documents, the NCHA used appropriate formulas and procedures to request funding from the METF. The auditors determined that the NCHA had properly supplied all information to the economist for the preparation of the economic impact studies used to determine funding from the METF.

The METF provides economic support to organizations that promote tourism in Texas. That economic support comes through partial rebates of sales taxes generated by events put on by the organizations. All METF funds received by the National Cutting Horse Association came directly from sales taxes actually generated by the NCHA events held in Fort Worth.

"We worked closely with the Fort Worth City Auditors to provide all financial information we used to request funding over the past 6 years," said Ernie Beutenmiller Jr., President and Interim Executive Director of the NCHA. "The NCHA is an advocate for transparency, and appreciates the efforts of the city auditors in the review of all aspects of our funding process," Beutenmiller added.

Even before the NCHA began working with the city auditor's department, the association hired independent, outside auditors to confirm the accuracy of reports and applications submitted to the city. The NCHA also developed new processes through which to report information in the future. Both the independent auditors and the city auditors recognized the new processes as an improvement that would maintain the integrity of the data used from inception through the eventual funding.

The city auditors did note an error involving the 2008 NCHA Summer Spectacular, but the error was a mathematical one committed by the economist and had not resulted from any NCHA action or reporting. The NCHA is currently working with the economist to make necessary corrections to the reports produced by him. Those reports will be provided to the City of Fort Worth and State of Texas Comptroller's Office when complete.

View the letter from the Fort Worth City Auditor.


We received word from the Officer Nominating Committee Chair Barbara Brooks that two candidates have been selected for the 2013 Vice President election. Those two candidates are:

Jo Ellard of Addison, TX
Monty Johnson of Amarillo, TX

Ballots with background information on the two candidates will be mailed to all NCHA members by no later than April 30, 2013 with the votes to be tabulated on Tuesday, June 11, 2013.

Additionally, information on the two candidates will appear in the May and June issues of the Cutting Horse Chatter and on the NCHA website. Please feel free to notify other NCHA members of our Vice Presidential candidates.

Ernie Beutenmiller
Interm Executive Director

Note from National Director, Dick Mulligan

"RE: Grass Root Cuttings

The directors were given a presentation on the grass roots cutting by Chuck Smith who is a director from Illinois. It was well received by all directors. Basically, the NCHA is attempting to provide an alternative to the more expensive cuttings held under and NCHA approval. It is an attempt to bring people back into the NCHA who have drifted away and to attract present members who cannot afford to cut pursuant to the expense under a “regular”cutting. In other words it is attempting to be competitive with club cuttings like Thermopolis. I think it’s a great idea and throw my full support behind it."

-Richard J. Mulligan

The WCHA board of directors had a phone conference on Sat. Dec. 8, 2012 and some of discussion was WCHA financial status and discussion on the Limited Aged event for 2012 and 2013 years. Dick Mulligan, one of our National Directors discussed the lack of membership and that WCHA needs approximately 11 more members for 2012. So any of you married NCHA members for 2012, if you would pay an additional $30. to NCHA and count your spouse then WCHA would meet the requirements set by NCHA to keep our National Director for next year. Dick also said he is the Chairman for the long range committee with new and exciting things coming to the cutting pen and if he cannot remain as a National Director he is replaced by a non-Wyoming Person on that committee and Wyoming does not have a voice. At this meeting we had 5 that will paying the additional $30. and meeting the goal of 11 more members needed for the year 2012.

The General Membership Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Jan 26, 2013, 9:00 a.m. via phone conference. If any WCHA members has any concerns or issues, would like to ask any questions, then please contact any Board Member or Tom Stalcup the President has an open door policy, so give a call. WCHAs goal is to encourage members and promote the sport of cutting.

The phone conference telephone information will be posted at a later date.

WCHA had to submit our application to host Area 4/National Cutting Horse Days by Nov. 1, 2012. We had to submit for Big Piney, WY as that is where we had the committment for cattle. Prior to this deadline set by NCHA, the committee had been working on the Sheridan, WY area and had a tentative committment for cattle but as all of you know we are in a drought and grass is short. Sheridan, WY which would be the most logical and would possibly draw more entries. With the help of Hayden Heaphy, Doyl Fritz, Cathy Stalcup, Jim Spell and Cindy we are still looking for cattle for Sheridan, WY.

The Board of Directors for the Wyoming Cutting Horse Association still maintains a "Positive" attitude and we are looking forward to the possibilities of the new year.

With all of that being said, I will close this short newsletter.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! to each and everyone of you!!. And wishing you all good health.
Respectfully Submitted,

Original Letter to members from National Director, Dick Mulligan: "I was recently informed that you did not renew your 2012 NCHA membership. Unfortunately, there has been a general decline of membership in Wyoming as well as several other areas. The result in the decline in membership could result in Wyoming losing one (1) of its two (2) National Director positions in 2013. If Wyoming does not achieve a significant number of 2012 memberships by December 31, 2012 there will be no election for a Director in Wyoming in 2013..." Click here to continue reading.

The WCHA needs at least 11 paid members by December 21, 2012.

Wyoming Cutting Horse Association is proud to award the 2012 Rookie of the Year to Dr. Clayton Turner.

Dr. Turner is an established orthopedic surgeon in Casper Wyoming. He has been practicing in Casper for 14 years and the 3 years before that in the military. He began cutting two years ago at the urging of his friends, Frank Martin and Jamis Johnson. His first experiences were in the club atmosphere at the CWCC in Thermopolis, with this year being his very first year competing in NCHA approved events. He had ridden horses as a younger man but hadn’t swung a leg over one for about 30 years. He didn’t know anything about cutting when he began but soon the addiction set in and he won over $1500 this year. Currently Dr. Turner has 4 horses and would love to acquire more in the future. He purchased his first 3 yr old this last year in which his trainer Jamis Johnson showed at the Wyoming Futurity in Big Piney Wyoming this past year. They made a little money in the first go-round but were met with a tough cow in the second.

Clayton’s advice to someone starting out is; 1) Find a trainer that you can have a good working relationship with 2) Begin with an open mind and be prepared to take constructive criticism as this sport is very humbling. In Clayton’s words, “learning cutting is harder than learning orthopedics”. However, if he decides on 4th career he said Equine Orthopedics are in the running.

submitted by Kristin York

Congratulations from the Wyoming Cutting Horse Association. Best of luck in all your future endeavors and we anxiously wait to see what you’re going to accomplish next year. We also want to thank you for your service to our country.

Attention Cutters: Anyone that thinks they may be qualified for the Western National Championships can email Cindy Carnes at or call 307-320-6512.

our friends in WSCHA just finished their Limited Age Event September 26-30...

CONGRATULATIONS: Kristin York for 3rd place in 50 Amateur/Classic-Challenge riding TK Spitten Kitten and 1st place finish Derby 50 Amateur riding Smooth One Time Soon. Good Job Kristin!!! AND THE GIRLS!!!

The WCHA 2012 Year End show and Awards Banquet was part of the HJK Production show on Saturday, August 25, 2012. The awards banquet was enjoyed by all who attended. The 2013 year started off on Sunday, August 26, 2012. The standings are posted on WCHA would like to thank each and every one who came and supported the Wyoming approved shows.


Click here to view photos of our Limited Age Event. For purchasing information, please contact:

scootemnshootem photography
Laurie Errington
PO Box 13962
Ogden, UT 84412
(801) 791-9050

Click here to view the 2012 Year End Standings

Wyoming Limited Aged Event and Futurity 2012

Directors Note: I would like to give a special thanks to Steve James for facilitating the show pens and practice pens, sand. Carrie James-Whitman for greeting people at the stalls and getting them into their stalls. The map helped a lot. Kristen York and Karen True for the truly nice awards. Roxy in the practice pen from daylight to dark. Lee Ann, secretary for always being cool and calm and keeping me grounded. The cattle guys. Brian and Annie Espenshied out back for being right there to get the cows in and out. And thanks to anyone else I have missed. Some Humor during the show and some laughs, I was told I had to change some lingo that I was using and they were wondering if it was "Wyoming Talk". You cannot say "load the pens" with cattle It confuses a lot of people. We are having a great time and I am sorry some had to miss it. Most Important, a special Thank you for all of the entries and people who have made the trip to come and show at our Futurity. Thank you. Cindy/Director

Total Added Money
$27,000 LAE - $2,000 NCHA

Futurity has $15,000 added
prorated between Open and NP Divisions
Derby has $6000 added
prorated between Open and NP Divisions
Classic-Challenge has $6000 added
prorated between Open and NP Divisions

On Sept. 15 and 16,
there will be the following NCHA classes:
Open, with $500 added each day
Non Pro, with $500 added each day
$50,000 AM with $400 added each day
Junior and Senior Youth classes each day

The Show Committee worked hard to ensure that the 2012 Futurity and LAE had all the elements of a Wonderful Wyoming Welcome for all attendees including a Free Barbeque for Contestants on one of the evenings, sponsored by Silver Spur Ranch, Saratoga, WY.

WESTERN NATIONALS, Reno, NV - Congratulations to all our Wyoming CHA Members who competed in Reno. Well Done Y'all!!!

Thank You to Jerry Rankin - I am always asking for photographs to be sent in and finally a contribution arrived - it is a picture of Jerry taken by the official NCHA photographer when Jerry was competing at the Western Nationals in Reno, NV, earlier in May. Thanks Jerry, Looking Good!

Jerry Rankin - 2012 Western Nationals, Reno, NV

Any more contributions out there??

To view 2011 Year End Results, click here. The Wyoming Cutting Horse Association would like to thank everyone who put on shows this year and everyone who participated in those shows! We appreciate your support of our Association. We are now organizing and looking forward to the 2012 show season!


Click here to view previous newsletters.

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