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JANUARY 28, 2012

The 2012 Annual General Membership of the WCHA was called to order by Acting President Tom Stalcup and roll call was taken with members present being:   Tom Stalcup, Cathy Stalcup, Dick Mulligan, Jack Enright, Anne Enright, Gail Holmes, Dennie Dunn, Traci Hatten, Mandy Norris, Penny Bailey, Kristen York,  Jerry Rankin, Karen True and Penny Bailey.  

Before proceeding to old business, guest speaker and Regional Director Dennie Dunn commented on the Western National Championships being held in Reno, Nevada.  Dunn commented that it was determined that holding the event in Utah had become somewhat of a financial risk and after it was determined that several core entities were abandoning the Ogden show,  the NCHA  began proceedings to negotiate its way out of holding the event in Ogden.  After reaching a satisfactory settlement, bids were put out to find a new venue for the event.  Reno, Nevada responded immediately and it was determined that this location had the most reasonable break even figure, along with many other perks such as free stalls, free lunches and 20% off of hotel rates.  Dunn also remarked that we are not home free from the EHV1 virus and a strict regiment on sanitizing and cleaning would be implemented and followed at Reno.   Western Nationals will be held April 25 through May 7, 2012.  Mr. Dunn is our area’s representative to the Executive Committee of the NCHA and if anyone has any questions or concerns for him they may reach him at:  

The first order of old business was the reading of the minutes of the last General Membership meeting held January 15, 2011.  The minutes were read and approved.

Next came the Treasure’s report given by Cindy Thompson Carnes.  The balance of the WCHA accounts are as follows: Total income from the only money making project of last year, the raffle for the trip to Ireland, was $5950.00.  Due to fact that memberships and show approval fees were down last year, the Association did incur a loss of $8498.00 in 2011. There followed a short discussion re upcoming expenses.  Cindy informed the meeting that she had prepared the two 1099’s and renewed the Non Profit Status for the association and passed all the accounts to the accountant for Tax preparation. It was moved and seconded that the Treasurers report be accepted and the vote passed. 

National directors report.  Kristen York gave the following: First of all, I have sent my dates for my 2012 shows to Traci and am already WSCHA approved.  They consist of a 3-day show on Memorial Day Weekend with a practice on Friday 5/25-5/28.  Then a 2 day show on July 14-15 with practice on the 13th.  In addition, Torrington and Saratoga are also working on a plan to have a circuit type award for attending both shows so keep watch for details to come.  I would be more than happy to be on the awards committee again if y'all will have me and if Karen would help I would love it.  She brought some great ideas she gathered in AZ and we have that planned for this next year.  The National Convention is in Nashville this year so if there was ever a time you wanted to attend a convention this would be it.  I now sit on the Amateur Committee and the Animal Welfare Committee for the NCHA.  If you have any questions about the newly enacted Drug Policy

please don't hesitate to contact me.  In addition, there are some great articles hitting the press about that subject as well so keep your eyes out.  Yes, Western Nationals is in Reno.  I know to some this may seem disheartening due to the distance but you will not be disappointed by what will be offered or planned at this event.  If you qualified don't miss this one.  I know a bidding process to get it out of Reno has already began and if you want more details feel free to give me a shout.  But for now I think we need to see how Reno pans out before we shoot it down.  Dick Mulligan said Dennie and Kristen had pretty much covered it all wanted to let everyone know he will be attending the meeting in Texas, 3rd week in June, for General Membership, if members have any issues they would like Dick to take this meeting, please contact him at:  

Dick Mulligan   Home: 307-733-4327  Office: 307-733-5961  Cell: 307-690-5961

Next item on the agenda was the election of Directors and Officers. Tom Stalcup informed the meeting that they had to elect 3 Board members and one alternate.  Jack Enright nominated Karen True for a 3 year term, Dick Mulligan seconded. Tom Stalcup nominated Cindy Carnes for 3 year term Jack E seconded. Jack moved the nominations cease, seconded by Tom.  Vote for both was carried. Jack E nominated Traci Hatten to take up the board position vacated by Carrie Whitman for a 2 year term. Dick Mulligan moved nominations be closed, Jerry Rankin seconded. Vote was taken and carried.  Cindy nominated Cathy Stalcup as alternate.  Dick Mulligan seconded and moved to close nominations – Jerry Rankin   seconded.  Vote was taken and carried.

Election of Officers:  Jack Enright nominated Tom Stalcup for President, Jerry Rankin seconded-motion passed. –Vice President nominations -Tom Stalcup nominated Jerry Rankin –Cathy Stalcup seconded. Vote was taken and carried -Jerry is Vice president.  Traci Hatten tendered her resignation as secretary as she now has a full time job. Karen True nominated Anne Enright and Cathy Stalcup seconded – motion passed.  Nominations for treasurer were:  Jack Enright nominated Cindy Carnes for another term, Jerry Rankin seconded. Vote was taken and carried.    

New Business: Approval of the 2012 Show Schedule : Tentative shows are as follows:

April 25 to May 7 NCHA Western Nationals Reno Nevada May 26, 27 & 28 Seven bar Ranch, Saratoga Wyoming June 1,2,3rd NCHA Days, Dillon, Montana June 30 & July 1st HJK Productions, Torrington Wyoming July 14, 15 Seven Bar Ranch Saratoga Wyoming   August 25, 26  HJK Productions Torrington Wyoming Sept 1,2nd WCHA Year End Show, Casper Wyoming Sept 13 – 16 WCHA LAE Casper Wyoming – (at the time of the meeting NCHA approval for this event had not been received. Official approval was received by letter on Jan 31st 2012) 

Cindy Carnes said she is currently in talks with LCCC to hold a show in Cheyenne in July, possibly just after the HJK show in Torrington but negotiations are at an early stage and she will let the board know when she has more details.  Jack Enright offered to help if needed.  Jack Enright asked why we don’t approve some of Western States shows particularly the ones in Loveland as they are so close. Cathy Stalcup said they did not ask us to approve them but also this is an historical issue that would require changes to the by-laws. Jerrry Rankin then moved to approve the schedule and Dick Mulligan seconded, and show schedule was approved-

Next order of business was to form committees WCHA Year End show and Futurity committee:  Traci Hatten, Cindy Thompson, Jack Enright, Cathy Stalcup and Karen True.  There was a short discussion about the possibility of having circuit awards and implementing some creative ideas and cooperation with Western States by Gail Holmes: her contact details are   (303) 588-7171.  Cathy Stalcup extended thanks to  Gail for all the work,  support and help for everything saying we are fully aware that Western States support our shows and we thank them for all the support and certainly would like to cooperate when possible with Western States. 

Cathy Stalcup said that Leanne Bates had done great work in putting together letters to the NCHA requesting that we were able to obtain our usual dates for the LAE which had to be canceled due to the inability to obtain cattle. Said we are still waiting to hear from the NCHA but that we are hopeful they will approve our request. Gail Holmes was encouraging due to discussions she had been involved in with the NCHA and said we should hold our dates.  There was short discussion regarding cattle costs and the difficulties in obtaining cattle in the current economy and also about the various formats that LAE’s are trying around the country.  She offered her help to the Show Committee.  Traci Hatten said she might have a contact for cattle and she will try to find out if they would be willing to supply cattle for the shows.  Jack Enright said that he had given Cindy a contact he had made last year – Cindy said she would look for the details and would try to make contact.

 Awards committee:  Kristen York and Karen True

Sponsorship committee; Jerry Rankin and Jack Enright

Scholarship and Youth:  Tom Stalcup said someone should contact the youth that have participated the last few years by letter and let them know about the Scholarship Fund. Anne Enright will get the letter ready and sent…Traci Hatten said she could get names from High School cutters for Anne.

Tom Stalcup said each committee should choose a chairperson for committees and report to the board quarterly.

It was decided that the Website support will stay with Big Sky. Traci Hatten will contact them to make sure they are okay with this as she had previously told them we may be moving Web support.  She will ask them to send an invoice for renewed support and will email the board to confirm her findings.  Traci Hatten also has to complete approval forms and get them to NCHA – if she can she will hold off

completing them until she can meet with Anne Enright to do the handover.  Mari Marquart   requested, via letter to Kristen York, that she be allowed to use the WCHA Faster Cut program when performing Show Secretary duties. Cindy reminded the meeting of the licensing rules that if she has her own software on her computer we can email her the database but if she does not have her own copy of the program we cannot do that.  But all certified show secretaries are required to have this software.  Traci said she will contact Mari to clarify and get back to the board. 

Jack Enright moved to end meeting and the meeting came to a close.

WCHA General Membership Meeting Minutes:
August 29, 2011

Vice President Tom Stalcup called the WCHA Board Meeting of August 29, 2011 to order.  Members present were:  Tom Stalcup, Cathy Stalcup, Traci Hatten, Cindy Carnes, Kristen York, Jerry Rankin, Justin Johnson, Jack Enright and Karen True.   Vice President Stalcup ordered the minutes of the last Board Meeting be read.  Jerry Rankin moved that the minutes be accepted after a minor amendment, Cindy seconded the motion and the motion passed.

The first order of Business was the matter of the resignation of Carie Whitman as President of the WCHA.  According to the WCHA By Laws, the alternate on the Board of Directors will now become a Board Member.  The alternate was Tom Stalcup and he will now go onto the Board.   

The question was then raised whether to elect a new board member for alternate at this meeting or wait until the annual meeting.  Kristen moved that we do not replace the alternate until the annual meeting.  Cindy seconded the motion and all were in favor.

The next order of business was the question of the manner in which to distribute the 2011 awards.  Kristen remarked that she had received the year end buckles and they all had reining horses on them so the buckle company offered to ship out all the buckles at no charge.  Jack Enright suggested that the rest of the awards be given out at the WSCHA Year End Show in Loveland.     

The next item of business was when to hold the Annual General Membership Meeting.  After some discussion, it was decided to hold AGM in early January of 2012.

Next topic was the organization of the 2012 WCHA Futurity.  A futurity committee consisting of Kristen York, Cindy Carnes, Cathy Stalcup and Traci Hatten was appointed.  Cathy and Cindy to agreed to co-chair the committee and prepare the futurity approval sheets which have to be in by December 31, 2011.  Cathy noted that she will use the same format as last year for the approvals, stating that she would increase the cattle charge and she also noted that we are able to drop our fees after approvals are in if we find a good cattle deal but we are not able to raise them.  Cathy also remarked that she had written a letter to the NCHA requesting that they hold our futurity dates for next year and she had not heard back from them.  Kristen volunteered to contact the NCHA on this matter.  The Board members also explored the idea of moving the futurity to another area where cattle might be more accessible. 

In light of the fact the WCHA hosts NCHA Days and the Year End, everyone agreed to try to secure cattle for these events as soon as possible.       

The next topic was the lending out of the WCHA Computer.  Tom Stalcup moved that we no longer lend the computer to shows.  Traci seconded and the motion passed.  The data base, however, may be moved around if necessary. 

The last order of business was the topic of the website.  Cindy has been in contact with a provider that will be more reasonable in price.  Cindy motioned that we change internet providers and Kristen seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  Traci commented that the current internet providers had done an excellent job and this topic should be handled tactfully.  Tom agreed to write a letter to the current providers explaining that the decision was based on the budget of the WCHA, not the quality of work.  

As all business was discussed, Kristen moved to adjourn the meeting and Jerry seconded.  The meeting was adjourned.

WCHA General Membership Meeting Minutes:
May 16, 2011

The Board of Directors meeting on May 16, 2011 was called to order by President Carie Whitman.  Members present were:  Kristen York, Cindy Carnes, Traci Hatten, Dick Mulligan, Jack Enright, Jerry Rankin, Tom Stalcup and Cathy Stalcup.   The meeting was called to discuss the recent outbreak of the EHV-1 virus and the impact it is expected to have on the WCHA. 

Dick Mulligan gave a short report regarding an email he had received from Dennie Dunn.  According to Mr. Dunn, the NCHA asked if all Associations would cancel their upcoming cuttings in order to inhibit the virus from being spread.    The HJK May Cutting, the Seven Bar Memorial Day Cutting and the NCHA Area 4 Cutting have already been cancelled.  The HJK July Show in Torrington, July 2, 3 and 4, will be the first WCHA Cutting to take place.  That is at least a 45 day incubation period so hopefully the virus would not be present.  It is not clear how long the official incubation period for the virus is but could be from 2 to 45 days.  In the upcoming week, the number of sick horses is expected to rise, however.  Kristen remarked that she and her associates are trying to establish a data base for collecting information about the virus.  All the Board members and Officers expressed great concern for those who have lost horses to this disease and to those whose horses are ill.  

The next topic that was discussed was the year end awards.  Concern was expressed that since we had to cancel 7 show days, would it be feasible to reduce the year end awards.  A suggestion was made to not charge any approval fees for the remainder of the shows and then not have any year end awards due to the shortened show season and hard economic times.  A discussion followed where the following points were brought up:  the approval fees are a source of some of the Association’s only income and producers already have them budgeted in their office charges.  In light of the shortened show season, it was suggested that we adjust the awards but still give them.  Another suggestion was to move the saddle classes to next year so that there would be more shows to compete in for these awards.  Kristen motioned that the saddle classes, which are the Open, 50,000 Amateur and the Wyoming Owned and Ridden, will be moved to the 2012 show season due to the economic crisis and the EHV-1 outbreak.  Cindy seconded and the motion carried.  All other classes will receive awards through 4th place, as usual.

 The next issue that was discussed was the Ireland trip raffle.  So far, approximately 40-45 books of tickets had been sold.  Fifty books of tickets needed to be sold in order to cover the expenses of the trip.  Any books sold after fifty would be considered profit for the Association.  Jack suggested that we postpone the drawing until the Seven Bar Summer cutting, where the winning ticket will be drawn on Saturday, July 9th.  The winner of the trip could then choose whether to travel at the end of this year or the beginning of 2012.  Jerry moved that we continue with the raffle and Traci seconded the motion.  The motion carried. 

The final topic of discussion was cattle for the year end show and futurity.  Carie informed the Board that she had talked with last year’s cattle provider and he wanted $50/head this year which would not fit the budget.  The number of cattle needed for the year end show is 250-350 head and the number of cattle for the futurity should be from 1100-1400 and should only be heifers  The committees for both of   these shows will continue to collect bids for cattle until we have on that fits the budget.    Also, the futurity committee will make arrangements for judges.  The videographer for both shows has already been hired. 

As all topics had been covered, Jerry motioned that we adjourn the meeting.  Cindy seconded and the motion carried. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Traci Hatten, Association Secretary

WCHA General Membership Meeting Minutes:
January 15, 2011

The General Meeting of the WCHA was called to order by President  Cathy  Stalcup.  Members present were:  Justin Johnson, James Johnson, Cathy Stalcup, Kristen York, John and Judy Hayes,  Cindy Thompson Carnes, Jack Enright,  Muffy Rodgers,  Terry and Bonnie McClure, Dick Mulligan,  Traci Hatten, Tom Stalcup, Karen True,  Kim Asay,  Maddie Clark,  Michelle Aimes,  Mike Asay, Carrie Whitman, Steve James.  Others who joined midway through the meeting included Jerry Rankin and Robin Hayes.


The first order of old business was the reading of the minutes of the January 10, 2010 General Membership Meeting by Association Secretary Traci Hatten.  Tom Stalcup motioned to accept the minutes as read, Kristen York seconded and the motion passed.

Next was the Treasurer’s report, given by Cindy Thompson Carnes.  The total Current Assets of the Association are in the amount of $71,809.95 and are divided as follows:  CD Savings:  $36,995.18, Checking Account: $3,647.89, Money Market Account:  $27,742.56 and Scholarship Account:  $3,424.32.  Cindy remarked that approval fees were down in 2010 along with sponsorships.  Memberships, however, were increased.  Added costs which were increased this year included:  cattle and advertising due to producing the NCHA Days show.  Both WCHA produced shows profited in 2010 and the Futurity had a small loss.  Dick Mulligan moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as read, Tom Stalcup seconded and the motion carried.

The next item on the agenda item was the Show Committee Report.  Cindy Thompson Carnes was delighted to report the both the NCHA Days Show and the Wyoming Year End Show had made a profit.  NCHA Days made:  $1671.00 and the Year End Show made $1118.00.  Cathy Stalcup gave the report on the 2010 Wyo Futurity and Aged Event.  She remarked that entries were down by approximately 33% causing the income of the Futurity to also be down.  The very regrettable incident of the mixing of the fresh cattle with the used cattle was also discussed in great detail.  After ordering an extra load of cattle to try to alleviate the situation, the futurity did suffer a loss of $1313.97. 

Next, was the National Director’s report given by the Wyoming National Directors Richard Mulligan and Kristen York.  Dick Mulligan informed us that this has been a very busy year for the NCHA, with many changes to the Constitutional By-Laws of which Mulligan was responsible for rewriting.  Mulligan also remarked that the NCHA is also suffering from the economic condition of the country and had made some financial adjustments to try to alleviate those losses of the previous years.  Some of these changes are as follows:  The show approval fees have been increased from 6% of the jackpotted monies to 8%.   Lomited Aged Event approval fees will be increased by .5% and 1% respectfully.  The threshold for receiving an Achievement Buckle has also increased from $1500 to $2000.00.  The NCHA will also no longer provide trophies for the affiliates for the 2000 Limited Rider, high point trophies for affiliates and high point trophies for the Open and Non Pro for shows with added money of $3000 or more.  NCHA produced shows have also increased their fees, with the one that affects our cutters being the Western Nationals entry fee will now be $600 instead of $500 with no changes in the jackpotted portion.   Both Wyo National Directors urged anyone with questions regarding these changes to contact them.  

Next was the Spnsorship committee report.  Cathy Stalcup reported that a total of $5913 was the total for sponsor contributions of the year with $4650 being from regular sponsors and $1263 from the NCHA Days silent auction.   There was much discussion on the fact that the Association’s members needed to pursue new sponsors diligently in the upcoming year.

The Awards committee report was next.  Kristen York heads this committee and she was commended for bringing in the year end awards under budget, with quality awards that our members liked.  The total awards budget was $20,000, which included three saddle certificates.  And, the budget also accounted for $1500 worth of circuit awards for NCHA Days.

The last order of Old Business was the President’s report, given by Cathy Stalcup.  Stalcup commented on how excited she was at the attendance of this General Membership meeting….the largest attendance in the past four years.  Through out her year as President, she used the motto:  Be hard on the issues and soft on people.  At the beginning of the year, she set lofty goals for the Association and met some of those goals.  Once again, she made a plea to the membership to help with the goings on of the Association, such as producing shows, sponsorship, stalls, shavings, practice pens and fund raisers.  She also urged that our members have to start giving back to the Association.


The first order of New Business was the nomination of Directors.  The nominations were:  Tom Stalcup, Carrie Whitman, Cindy Carnes and Jack Enright.  Tom Stalcup moved that nominations cease, with Karen True seconding.  After a vote, the new directors are as follows:  Carrie Whitman and Jack Enright for a three year term, Cindy Carnes for a one year term and Tom Stalcup will serve as an Alternate.   The Dirctors of the Wyoming Cutting Horse Association are as follows:  Karen True, Justin Johnson, Jerry Rankin, Carrie Whitman, Jack Enright, Cindy Carnes and Tom Stalcup.  Past President is Cathy Stalcup and National Directors Kristen York and Richard Mulligan. 

Next was the nomination for President.  Karen True and Tom Stalcup were nominated and declined.  Cindy Carnes nominated Carrie Whitman and Mulligan seconded.  There was a vote and the motion carried.  Jerry Rankin nominated Tom Stalcup for Vice President with Jack Enright seconding.  A vote was taken and the motion carried.  The new President for 2011 is Carrie Whitman with the Vice President being Tom Stalcup.  Kristen moved that the secretary and treasure remain the same.  Mulligan seconded the motion and it passed. 

Next order of New Business was the approval of the 2011 tentative show schedule.  Kristen moved that we approve the scheduled shows and all others that came along.  Steve seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Next was discussion about the 2011 Futurity and Limited Aged event.  The approval forms had been sent in already.  The added money for the upcoming futurity has remained the same, along with the entry fees.  It was decided to delete the Amateur classes, cut back the show one day and add NCHA classes on the week end.  The classes will be the Open, Non Pro and 50,000 Amateur, with 500 added to each.   The show is slated for September 15-18, 2011. 

Next, the WCHA class roster was discussed.  As the Two Handed Class entries have not been up in the previous years, Steve James motioned that the class would be deleted from the roster.  Carrie seconded and the motion carried. 

Next, there was discussion about setting the Awards budget for 2011.  The awards budget will be as follows:  $7500 for Year End awards, $4500 for the Futurity and $6000 for saddles certificates.  The saddle classes for 2011 are:  The Wyoming Owned and Ridden, the Open and the 50,000 Amateur. 

Fundraising ideas were then discussed.  Robin Hayes offered his services to have a clinic before a WCHA cutting with the Wyoming trainers, with all proceeds going to the Association.   Kristen York offered to have the clinic on the Friday before one of her cuttings.  The idea will be explored by York, James and Hayes.  Also, Hayes commented that the WSCHA was willing to help the Wyoming Association and suggested that the WCHA and WSCHA combine their Year End Shows as to produce a bigger and better week end for both Associations.  Steve James and Kristen York volunteered to explore this idea with the WSCHA.

The last topic that was discussed was the possibility of having another Ireland trip raffle.  Jack Enright offered to explore this idea and will get back to the Board on his findings.

Next, sponsoring a lunch at Western Nationals was discussed and it was determined that Kristen York would ask WSCHA if they would like to co-sponsor a lunch with the WCHA.  She will contact the NCHA person and explore this matter.

The last order of New Business was the filling of the 2011 committees:

Sponsorship and Membership Committee:  Jack Enright, Michelle Haimes and Jerry Rankin

Awards Committee:  Kristen York and Karen True

Show Committee: Traci Hatten, Cindy Carnes,  Steve James and Kristen York(work with WSCHA) Justin Johnson, Jerry Rankin

Futurity Committee:  Cindy Carnes, Traci Hatten, Carrie Whitman, Karen True and Justin Johnson (with Cathy Stalcup and Steve James as consultants)

Scholarship and Youth Committee:  Michelle Haimes, Traci Hatten, Carrie Whitman

Committee members were urged to select a Chairperson and make quarterly reports to the Board to keep track of progress.

Tom Stalcup moved that we adjourn the meeting with Mulligan seconding.  The motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Traci Hatten, Association Secretary 

JANUARY 27, 2010

 The WCHA Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Vice President Cathy Stalcup. Members present were: Karen True, Lori Stilwell, Traci Hatten, Cathy Stalcup, Dick Mulligan, Jerry Rankin and Kristen York.
The first order of business was discussion on the resignation of Jack Enright. In accordance with Article V, section 5.5, “in the absence or disability of the President, the Vice President assumes all powers to perform the duties of President and such duties designated by the Board”  Cathy Stalcup assumed the position of President of the WCHA. The floor was then opened up to discussion regarding the appointment of a new Vice President. Dick Mulligan volunteered to fill the vacancy. The Board unanimously agreed to appoint Dick Mulligan to the position.
 At this time, President Cathy Stalcup began a discussion on what she expected from the Officers and Board Members while she held the office of President. Firstly, President Stalcup credited Past President Enright for heading the Association in the right direction and commented that we need to maintain that positive direction in the future. Below is a list of President Stalcup’s expectations:
a) More participation from the Board and soliciting help from the membership
b) Full intention of enforcing the ‘no participation rule’ for Board Members
c) Solicitation of potential Board members to be elected in the fall during the year
d) Quarterly Board meetings with reports from the committees
e) Create official job requirements for each officer
f) Produce profitable shows
g) Increase memberships, member participation, contributions and fund raisers

 There was then a discussion about how to increase more interest in the membership and the Board of Directors. One suggestion was to advertise the Rookie of the Year and the WCHA saddle classes more. The saddle classes for 2010 are the 15,000 Novice Non Pro and the 2000 Limit Rider. Another idea was to work on sponsorships and to put on ‘class act’ shows. It was mentioned that Montana wanted to approve another NCHA Days show in Idaho to accommodate the members in the western part of their state. The Board asked that Traci email the Montana secretary to request to them that they not do that. There also was discussion about how to make our NCHA Days show in Douglas worth coming to; such as hosting a free BBQ and have circuit awards, etc. Kristen volunteered to look into circuit awards.

 Dick Mulligan then discussed how Steve and Shelly Williams were looking for ideas on how to improve Western Nationals.

 Lastly, the Board of Directors agreed to work together to help better the Association. Cathy moved that we adjourn the meeting. Dick seconded and the motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Traci Hatten, WCHA Secretary        

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